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Track Record

Awards and Recognition

Inspired Life has been successful in winning a number of different awards and recognition for the work that we do.  So far we have inspired over 19,808 young people since our creation and we were awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark Award on 11th July 2012.  We were also finalists in the Excellence in Education Awards from Pride in Bedfordshire for 2012 and currently a finalist for The 2013 Peer Awards For Excellence!



Those Lightbulb Moments

Perhaps more important than this is the ‘lightbulb moments’ and positive feedback that we have received from almost everyone involved in our programmes. This of course means the young people, the teachers and non-teaching staff and also the parents. The only complaints we have received were why people’s children hadn’t been included in the programme.

Feedback from the young people we were set up to support:

Aspirations from our students…
“To be in the Olympics…”
Have my own Business…”
“Design a game…”
“To become a forensic scientist and fence in the Olympics”

How the programme could help change their lives…?

“It made me think about the future me…”
“If you believe in yourself then others will…”
“I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to…”
“I can break down my targets and make them more achievable…”
“Try your best and don’t stop even if someone says you can’t do it. Reach for your goals”

How did the programme make you feel…?

“It made me think about my behaviour and the future…”
“Inspired. Happy. Never say never…”
“Helped me believe that I can become what I want to be…”
“It was very inspiring. I will remember it for a very long time…”

Feedback from school staff taking part:

“Thank you so much for last week. The children were totally inspired by you both. Anything else you think you can offer us as resounding YES PLEASE!”
Deborah Pargeter, Head, Lower School

 “The feedback that we have received from the pupils during and since the programme has been completely positive and it certainly seems to have inspired many of them to follow their dreams. I would without hesitation recommend this intervention to help build children and young people’s self esteem and encourage them to focus on their hopes and dreams for the future.”
John Spurling, Deputy Head Teacher, Middle School

“Students related to the concept that your future doesn't have to follow what you've done in the past.  There was also the message that we should give something back to society.   We can already see the difference in the behaviour and attitudes of some of our previously disengaged students so many thanks for that.  Very inspiring!”
Anne Wareham, Head of year, Upper School

“This has been a great success, feedback as 100% brilliant and they all took away something worthwhile. “
All Saints Academy

Feedback From A Schools Conference Where We Delivered The Keynote

“As always a quality service…Watch this space.”

“Inspired Me! So imagine what inspiration it could give to young people”

“Very Inspiring. Amazing Story.”

“Fantastic. Would be great to get these involved in our lower school. A good insight into what you can offer.”

We in turn would like to say a massive thank you to the school staff who help us deliver our programmes and work with the young people on a longer term basis.

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