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Grace Dickinson

Grace Dickinson was born obsessed with reptiles and natural history. After college she became a professional animal wrangler training wild animals for TV and film, though she later completed a degree in animal behaviour and travelled to work abroad, studying wild dolphins in Tenerife and becoming a crocodile keeper and zoo educator in Hawaii.

For several years she looked after tigers and became an animal presenter and falconer at a zoo in Cambridge, set up her own business as a belly dancing snake charmer and has now returned to training animals for film, living a not-so-showbiz life in a caravan within the zoo along with her English-speaking et rook!

Along the way her enthusiasm for adventure, conservation, fundraising and education has lead to some interesting and gruelling experiences including rafting on the Amazon River, walking on hot coals and driving to Lapland to train wild reindeer and painting award-winning murals of animals and ecosystems in schools. She has a fondness for swimming with sharks and gets no greater enjoyment than when sharing animals with others, and helping people to overcome their fears and phobias and her favourite claim to fame is modelling in Vogue magazine while riding an ostrich!

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