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Alex Wesley

Alex Wesley is the guitarist for band 'The Amateurs', a Birmingham based rock group recently seen at the Leeds Festival. They have toured extensively throughout the UK, playing alongside artists such as Guillemots, Cage The Elephant, Athlete and Reverend and The Makers; they were also invited exclusively by Oxfam to perform at Leeds Festival last year.

The latest single Alex released with the band, 'Homesick' was championed by Kerrang! and BBC Radio; it featured as “single of the week” on numerous online review websites above major label artists, as well as winning a Billboard award for one of the top 500 songs of the year, which is why he has become part of the speakers bureau.

With the Amateurs, Alex Wesley is now currently recording and writing with producers Gareth Parton (The Go! Team) and Dave Draper (They Fell From The Sky) and will shortly film a brand new video for their forth-coming single – packed with fast cars, explosions and tuxedos! This is such clear evidence of a motivaltional young musician set to reach the top.

"Alex Wesley and The Amateurs are easily one of the most talented and motivational bands that we've supported on Kerrang Radio's Unsigned Show over the past few years and the new EP is testament to that fact."
· Loz, Kerrang! Radio

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