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Kwame Nkrumah Achaempong

Skiing in a winter Olympics requires skill, bravery and determination. Now imagine that you didn’t start skiing until you were 29 and you come from a country with no snow. This is the story of Kwame, The Snow Leopard. Kwame’s story of discovering skiing to qualifying for Vancouver 2010 as Ghana’s first winter Olympian is a heart warming story of one man’s determination to achieve his dream.  It didn’t come without sacrifice, determination and a few hair raising adventures along the way.  

Kwame and the Ghana Ski Team were the most covered media sensation of the Winter Olympics including interviews on MTV, Jenna Bush’s Today Show and even in the Financial Times.  There have of course been comparisons of Kwame with Jamaica’s Cool Running’s story with the team experiencing an incredible roller coast ride in the build up to the Winter Olympics. Kwame The Snow Leopard started competitor number 102 in his Olympic Ski race with the world tuned in and supporting his Olympic performance.  Kwame is the definition of innovation and ideas and became a one man marketing machine in his fight to get the funding to compete as a professional skier.  He has a Masters in tourism management, designed his own ski suit (designed on his alias 'The Snow Leopard'), is a walking ideas machine and is now planning to launch the first sub Saharan artificial ski slope.

Kwame Nkrumah Achaempong aka The Snow Leopard is an inspiring and humble character who helps redefine the boundaries of impossible.  His story of overcoming all the odds to qualify and compete in Olympic Skiing deserved a podium place.

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