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James 'Pringle' Bebbington

Occupation: Professional Freestyle Kayaker, (current World Champion)

James ‘Pringle’ Bebbington is the current World Freestyle Kayak Champion & World Cup winning kayaker. He loves pushing himself physically and spiritually and only eats raw fruit & a bit of raw veg to keep his body and mind as pure as possible.

James is something of a waterbaby loving first swimming, then surfing and then when he found kayaking aged 10 he was hooked. His main passion is called freestyle kayaking which is all about surfing waves and throwing gymnastic tricks. See: http://youtu.be/Ax6gaJKpE_8

He also likes anything that keeps him active, swimming, running, cycling, diving, skateboarding, surfing...This year he even joined Inspired Life's Rich on an Adventure Cycling the Sahara. He admits to having had a winding path to achieving World Champion with various ups and downs, injuries and setbacks .

He works with inspired life to tell his story, in the hope it can inspire children and young people to not be held back by the constraints of modern society. He wants everyone to live, and find their purpose and passion.  For more about Pringle and his wife Katya then visit:  http://www.RiverZoo.com

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