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Community Events

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Inspired Life wants to help and support local communities by providing access to our inspirational role models and resources. If you are a voluntary and community group, charity or NGO, we encourage you to develop fundraising events using our world class inspirational speakers.

Already, Inspired Life has delivered talks and events in schools, for the air cadets, village hall groups and universities to support their local needs.

How does it work?

We will provide you with an inspirational speaker at cost, plus a small, minimal overhead recovery charge for Inspired Life. This will be matched to your specific needs and budgeted model. In this process, we will work with you to agree a sensible ticket price based on the size and capacity of venue and your membership or potential audience.

You will be expected to provide the venue and logistics for the event and market it locally to your members and wider network.

We can provide the booking and ticketing platform for your event to promote, sell and ticket, ensuring you cover costs and begin to raise money. Usually, you will need to provide some audio visual equipment (although sometimes we can provide this) and volunteers to help ensure the event runs smoothly.

We will also promote your talk or event via our calendar and by sending out a newsletter of ‘open’ events to the wider public who have registered with us.

School Community Events

Our Community Events can be also used by schools to organise evening talks in the local community with parents and local residents attending.

In this instance, we try and arrange for a speaker who is prepared to also talk in the school during the afternoon so that the children get the benefit as well. The speaker costs are of course covered by the evening bookings and ticketing revenue.

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