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Adventure Schools

Adventure Clubs in Schools

Inspired Life has developed a series of different activities and adventure clubs in schools as part of our work to provide inspiration and also build life and social skills. Our adventure club activities can be delivered on site in either a primary or secondary school format.

We introduce different personal and team challenges through outdoor activities and sports to encourage leadership, teamwork, decision making, risk management and problem solving.  In some cases we have been booked on an ongoing basis to provide students with access to outdoor activities and learning. This complements the conventional sports and physical activity offer and provides participants with new skills.

Examples of our adventure club activities include;

  • Slacklining and ropes activities
  • Adventure treasure hunt activities
  • Team building games
  • Cycle challenges
  • Bush craft and cooking skills
  • Nighline challenge
  • Wild animals encounter with our animal trainers

 A key part of this programme is for young people to gain confidence in the outdoors working with role models such as adventurers and outdoor instructors. One of our motto's is that 'the best adventure is the one that you take…Start now!'. We use our 'RoadMap to Adventure' tool to help young people to plan their own adventure with a simple 3 step planning process, some questions and a roadmap to complete.

Roadmap to Adventure Planning Tool

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