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Assemblies and Talks

Each assembly features an inspirational story from one of our role models of achieving goals, and overcoming adversity.  Our talks reach a cross roads where we ask the question ‘So What?’ and the remainder of the talk is focused on their dreams and aspirations.

Our role models include business people, Olympians, explorers, world record holders, musicians and artists. 



Our assemblies and talks delivers a significant increase in personal aspiration by hearing about inspirational life stories from our broad range of role models and speakers. We have also found a significant increase in goal setting and engagement with school and learning. Our assemblies and talks have delivered between 75% and 95% improvement in inspiration and goal setting when measured with our evaluation questionnaires (the percentage varies slightly depending on age group and duration of talk).

Typically, we would recommend that participants get the opportunity to hear several different talks and topics from our speakers as we are all unique and relate differently to specific interests e.g. art, sport, music, adventure, business or community.

Certificate of Inspiration

Certificates of Inspiration are given to participants to record their interests and passions, goals and long term dreams as part of our process. This is their personal statement of goals and aspirations, signed by the role model and themselves.


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