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Inspirational Challenges

Challenge Cards

Inspired Life has develop a unique range of Challenge Cards for use with schools, colleges and almost any organisation.  Each card has a different challenge covering a broad range of topics and skills. They are designed to empower learning with participants owning the task and challenge.  As such they are experiential and motivational and help develop different life skills especially team work and leadership
The challenge cards cover a wide range of topics and skills including;

  • The arts
  • Nature and environment
  • Science
  • History and heritage
  • Physical skills and activities
  • Lateral thinking

The Inspired Life Challenge Cards can be delivered over different timescales, for different ages and also in different formats. For example in schools they can be utilised as part of a school challenge on a specific day, or over the course of a week or better still in teams over a school term.  Each challenge card has a different points score and topic so teams can chose which cards to complete, and achieve maximum scores based on their choices. The challenge cards can also be used as a filler for specific lessons and are extremely flexible as an empowering learning resource.

The challenge cards can also be used for development and teambuilding days or sessions in companies and other organisations.  They are a powerful tool to create team based challenges away from the pressure of the company or organisation core offer.  They allow your staff working in teams to practise and develop their personal skills such as creativity, communication, problem solving, decision making as well as teamwork and leadership.

You can download some of our challenge cards by visiting our resource download centre.  Alternatively you can contact us to purchase a set of our Challenge Cards available on A4 or A3 presentation boards at a cost of £99.

Team Based Challenges

We have developed a series of team based challenges including:

  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Enterprise Challenge
  • Environmental Challenge
  • Film festival Challenge
  • Art Challenge

Inspired Life use our team challenges and challenge cards to engage young people in further experiential learning to help build increased competency and life skills:



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