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Inspired life Self Esteem Programmes

The Inspired Role Model Programme is centered on our ‘Little Book of Inspiration’ which is a 28 page booklet to capture the personal journey of the participants and utilising experiential learning techniques.

This Programme operates across a 4 – 6 week period and is delivered by one lead facilitator and 2 support facilitators supported by two inspirational speakers who act as role models. To date approximately 400 school children have gone through the programme. We have also worked with community groups (e.g carers, scouts and sports clubs).


100% of participants found the Role Model Programme either helpful or very helpful in thinking about different opportunities in their lives.

100% of participants felt inspired or very inspired after the programme.

100% of participants found the programme helpful or very helpful in thinking about their own dreams and adventures.

“It made me think about my behaviour and the future…”

Some of key aspirational outcomes and recorded improvements, from week 1 to week 4 of the programme, based on our radar plot measures:

Your Life Now Future Confidence Choices Motivation
+13% +11% +8% +6% +12%
Dreams Friends Learning Environment Role Models Family
+9% +6% +5% +12% +11%


*The above data is based on a sample size of 175 students across 10 different secondary schools, recorded using pre and post data questionnaires and radar plots.

Adolescent Well-being Scale

Inspired Life has also begun to measure the impact of our Role Model Programme based on the evaluated health service questionnaire measuring adolescent well-being.

Whilst we have only completed a small number, the initial results show a 29% average improvement across the scale.


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